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Ukrainian students


Ukrainian students studying management, business and economics can immediately apply for admission to Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, CTU in Prague, as free movers. If admitted, students will get a scholarship to cover living costs and will be accommodated in dormitories if needed.
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Schedule for Ukrainian students
Czech language, Mathematics

Courses for Ukrainian students at MIAS – Free movers

  • Degree: bachelor, B0413 Economics and Management

    U04E0301 Czech Culture and Civilization I
    U04E0302 Czech Culture and Civilization II
    U04L0301 Czech for Foreigners I
    U04L0302 Czech for Foreigners II
    U16E0101 Corporate Social Responsibility
    U16E0102 Cross-cultural Management
    U16E0104 International Trade and Finance
    U16E0111 Principles of Business Negotiations and Etiquette
    U16E2201 Principles of Project Management
    U16E2301 Logistics
    U63E0202 World Economy and Business

  • Degree: master, N0413 Innovation Project Management

    G04E0202 Meetings and Negotiations in English
    G16E0102 Managing in an International Environment
    G16E0103 Management in the Engineering and Automotive Industry
    G16E0203 Project Innovation Management
    G16E0401 Strategies of Entering New Markets
    G16E0501 Social Competences in Project and Process Management
    G16E2201 Modern Approaches in Project Management
    G16E2302 Business Process Management
    G63E0202 Green Transition
    G63E4301 Advanced Topics in Financial Management
    G65E2301 Regional Development and Planning
    G65E4101 European Union and Regional Policy


First contact:

Mgr. Jitka Kauerová
office hours: Mo-Th, 12.30–15.00
office: Praha, Kolejní 2637/2a, room: 504
+420-605-906-429 (non-stop)

Contact after registration at CIPS:

MIAS International Office – Room No. 111 (ground floor corridor on the left).

Office hours:

Monday              10:00 – 12:00
Wednesday          9:30 – 12:30
Thursday            10:00–12:00

Mgr. Gabriela Dohnalová, e-mail:

Phone: +420 739 247 893 (available from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.)