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L’Oréal – BRANDSTORM international competition

Topic for 2023: „Crack the code of the Beauty“ with a focus on VR, AR, AI & METAVERSE


                                                                       Participants can register in teams of three by March 3, 2023

 get to the local round, where mentors from L’Oréal management will guide yoou

• get a proffessional feedback and  take your projects to the next level
• become winners of the local round and get to the international round in Paris

What can participants get
Official certificate for participating in the competition & completing the “educational journey”
Trip to Paris for winners of local round – a three-month paid internship for the winning team
Easy route to L’Oreal – local winners will be guaranteed an immediate interview for an internship / management trainee program
Mentoring from local L’Oreal team and global experts

Important dates
• Application deadline: March 3, 2023

• Local Semi-Finals/Finals: March 2023
• Global Semi-Finals/Finals: May/June 2023

Conditions of participation:
All young people aged 18-30, students and professionals and all major fields of study
Teams of three – they can be from different universities and different specializations
• Application: 1 min. video pitch and 3 slides

Additional competition criteria and other useful information can be found here:
Brandstorm 2023