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IPW- Companies

Companies play an essential role in this project, as they are its keystones

Thanks to the companies, this project brings the students into contact with real-life corporate tasks, presents rare opportunity to use their theoretical knowledge in practice and offers shared learning experience. All this and much more makes International Project Workshop (IPW) unique, meaningful, and highly attractive for students.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Companies participating in IPW 2021-2023

We are aware that the needs of companies change rapidly and so do the demands of the labour market. Considering this we need to adapt our teaching systems to prepare students for such challenges, which is why we came up with IPW, which bridges the gap between academic and business worlds.

It was a great pleasure to work on the project with MIAS and to collaborate with students. This is the way to go in future. Through the help of students, we saw that we could bring in net improvements, correct some weaknesses that we had overseen, and  things that we are not able to notice because we are deeply rooted in our habits.

Because of the project development and expansion, we are open to establish new contacts with companies to deepen our cooperation with business as well as offer our students more varied spectrum of tasks.

    How can the companies benefit from involvement in the IPW?

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    Participation in this project not only gives the companies an opportunity to recruit new faces to their teams, but also makes the company visible to young people who are taking their first steps on the job market. Thanks to IPW companies get an idea of graduates, their potential, capacities and ideas, and a chance to enhance brand awareness among various stakeholders from cross-cultural and academic background. Finally, the companies can strengthen their network via new contacts.

    Through building and maintaining long-term partnership with one of the oldest Central-European technical universities opens up an opportunity to support diverse educational projects, to inspire business partners, customers and community, and to help young people prepare for their future careers.

    What will be your assignment in the project?

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    In short,companies have two main tasks:

    * To define assignment for team of students

    * To provide students necessary professional support / advisory / corporate mentoring

    Company’s main task is to specify an assignment to be given to student team to do. The assignment should take into consideration that IPW project is intended for undergraduate students (BSc.)

    For this project company chooses one or two representatives / tutors from its staff to be in touch with IPW organizational team regarding the administration and project’s assignment. Since the beginning of the IPW (including the initial online meeting) the company tutors are regularly in touch with student teams to lend them a helping hand. At the end of the project, company representative(s) evaluate(s) the results of teamwork as member(s) of expert jury.

    Kick off week – Company representatives are invited to attend both the IPW opening ceremony in the morning at the Rectorate of CTU and the gala dinner in the evening. It is a special occasion to meet the student teams and other stakeholders in person, present project’s assignment and to promote the company. During the kick off week, students usually visit company office in Prague to meet with company representatives to discuss the assignment details and to get familiar with the business environment.

    Schedule details to be announced.

Would you like to support our project financially?

Since some certain costs arise from IPW, we would deeply appreciate if you could not only contribute to this project with your human capital, but also support our endeavours financially. Our partner companies generally donate between 1.500 EUR and 2.000 EUR (35.000 CZK to 50.000 CZK), however it is always up for discussion and of course we are very grateful for any financial support.

Details on the purposes the money is used for are specified in the donation contract between the MIAS CTU in Prague and the company. Valid draft version of the contract for academic year 2023/2024 will be uploaded here soon and will be provided to the companies individually as well.

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    Financial contributions of companies are mostly used for accommodation, food, and transport (plane/train/bus tickets and public transport) of students (CTU and partner universities) participating in the project. Students usually spend kick off week in Prague and final week at the partner university in Europe.

    In case you wish to adjust the contract to your needs and/or if you have any questions, please, feel free to get in touch with us at or you can directly contact Ms. Kamila Jandová ( who is responsible for communication with companies regarding donation contracts.

    The contract must be signed by December 3, 2023 and the money transferred no later than January 31, 2024, due to organizational and administrative reasons of the entire project. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Bank Account numbers for donations

    • If you prefer to make your donation in EUR, please use this account:

      Account No.:                     115-840890237/0100    

                     IBAN:                   CZ6001000001150840890237

                     SWIFT:                 KOMBCZPPXXX

      Identification code of the payment will be provided during the communication with the IPW organizational team

    • If you prefer to make your donation in CZK, please use this account:

      Account No.:                     19-8491620277/0100

                     IBAN:                   CZ6501000000198491620277

                     SWIFT:                 KOMBCZPPXXX

      [Identification code of the payment will be provided during the communication with the IPW organizational team

Thank you for your interest in IPW and we are looking forward to our cooperation!
We remain at your disposal for any further queries you might have.

Your IPW Team