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Company evaluations of IPW

Companies play a huge role in this project and that is why are their evaluations and opinions so important to us.  



It was a great pleasure to work on the project with MIAS and to collaborate with students. We organized a very intensive agenda, which took us a lot of effort. We expected the students to know everything about KB in 3 days. It was exhausting, but they understood it well. This is the way to go in future. Through the help of students, we saw that we could bring in net improvements, correct some weaknesses that we had overseen, and  things that we are not able to notice because we are deeply rooted in our habits.

The students were very motivated and active. They had very good ideas such as comparison with systems of distribution not used in CR. The quality of presentation was very high with timeline, graphics, etc. However, some pieces of information were not always discussed within the team, so it was not always clear whether students were always working together.

The students did a good job. They could bring a fresh view of things. Hoewever, sometime it was difficult to work with the students because they had meetings very late at night. We were very happy to be chosen for the project and we hope there will be another session next year.

Students  realized that the topic was very difficult a couple of weeks after launching the project. They were very active and this was nice to see their level of involvement. In spite of the difficulty, the students had done well during the presentation.

Representatives of individual companies